Liz Eldridge lives in Highland Park with her boyfriend, two dogs, one nice cat, and one mean cat. They have too many keyboards and just enough guitars. She attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and studied Writing Seminars, Anthropology, and Acting. She studied voice at the Peabody Conservatory, but dropped out to sing in bands and it’s worked out ok. A Los Angeles native, Liz grew up in Beverly Glen Canyon and the deep Valley with her mom and a succession of Golden Retrievers. Today, she is lucky to be doing stand up on stages all over LA, getting her cute little face on the televisions and big screens, performing with a variety of bands in a variety of venues, taking part in theatre and opera performances with companies including Overtone Industries, Project Nongenue, Theatricum Botanicum, and others, and writing whenever and wherever she can find a pen.

Look, I’m normal! (No, I’m not.)